40 Days of Fasting, Prayer and Worship

11 Nights Of Encounter

5 Days and Nights Of Transformation. 

The vision is simple. 40 Days of Fasting,  Prayer and Worship to prepare our hearts, the heart of the land and the atmosphere for the Greater Works God wants to birth in our midst. 

At the end of the 40 days we will be hosting a conference to bring a merging of vision of Revival, Reformation, and the harvest in mass arenas and stadiums 

The city of Dallas has entered into a Divine Appointment

She is destined to be a heavenly epicenter of God's movement.

She is destined to reveal His glory.

She is destined to manifest His Marvel.

Its time. 



By Fiorella Giordano

Prophetic Word Over Dallas, Texas


On Dec 20th, 2018, I had a dream where i was driving into downtown Dallas, I was having trouble getting on the onramp, my car did not have enough horse power to get on. I tried to find other avenues of entry but each posed a threat. Suddenly a mighty angel began to descend from the heavens onto downtown Dallas. He had a fierce and warlike appearance. He was about 100 feet tall. As he descended he turned to look at me, I was facing downtown Dallas hovering over the skyline. He began to decree over me, and I had the strong impression that what he was speaking over me, was being decreed over the city. I stood as sign in this heavenly encounter. 

He began to thunder over me and Dallas, when he did this I was overwhelmed by the authority and the power in his voice. I knew he was a prince warring angel, carrying an impartation from the Spirit Of Prophecy. He seemed to embody the prophecy of God. The more He decreed the louder that his thunder grew. He said, “Your commission has changed. There has been a change in the books and scrolls of heaven and your commission has changed. And I will not stop until every layer is activated.” When he said this i understood that there had been much warfare over the land, over territory in the natural and supernatural, and i had this strong impression of even the layers within the earth, as tectonic plates had to be brought into alignment with the will of God, in the angel’s simple words there was also many other things said within it, that i heard as thoughts that flooded my mind as he was speaking, I understood that delay in many levels was going to be dealt with, and that God was going to be moving overriding the delay, that it was time for the hand of God to move and that it would move sovereignly and this angel was fully committed and completely focused in bringing this to pass. I also knew that there was much to what he was saying that i did not comprehend yet. He went on to speak about the American Airlines Arena in downtown Dallas, and how this would be a place of first fruits for a move that would spill into stadiums in the city of Dallas. He spoke of the dome of the American Airlines Center, as he shared this, i could see the angelic host flying to and fro from this center. He also mentioned that this was angelic hub and the covering of his territory. 



God has marked the city of Dallas with new angelic assignment and host, that He has changed the commission of the city of Dallas, where in the spirit it has been known to release death as we can see evident in Roe vs Wade, and also in the Assassination of JFK. Both of these instances set the tone for the nation and even the globe establishing the city as a center where death proceeds from. 

The change in commission is a change in its purpose. In the past the prophetic destiny Dallas was to release life and its influence was governmental, meaning it affected the whole nation and ultimately the globe, but now the change in commission isn’t only to release life or to carry great authority to bring national and international change, but now its commission is to manifest the Greater Works of God, something I believe was not appointed for many more years to come, but there has been a precipitation in heaven that has released Dallas into a new commissioning.


This is the commission of the city of Dallas.

John 5:20

“For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He himself is doing; and the Father will show Him greater works than these, so that you will marvel.”


The city of Dallas has been given the mandate to manifest the greater works of God, Its essence is deep intimacy and the outworking of that intimacy is great authority and great power, and the fruit of this is the wonder and marvel of God that will captivate the hearts of nation and generation with the depth and glory of the heart and hand of God. 


I believe as God releases this angel many who had not been able to move forward in their assignments will find their work empowered by Spirit and Word of God in a fresh and supernatural way.


This movement in the City of Dallas will carry a grace for the prophetic and angelic realms to manifest in supernatural encounters in this city that will reach the hearts of people in ways that have not been touched before.


I believe the Eagle that is the symbol of American Airline speaks of this prophetic destiny into the heights, and into the supernatural, into revelation, in perspective, into vision, Dallas has been commissioned to soar. 


Worship and the Prophetic will spearhead a movement of mass encounter evangelism. 


After this dream I had a series of encounters and revelations for a period of two weeks. In this time the Lord unpacked the message He sent through this angel. 


Dream 2 The heart Of David and The key of David


In this dream the Lord began to speak to me about the heart of David, the heart lines and the fault lines and how God was bringing alignment in the heart of His people to His heart, that the lines in the heart of His people had to align with lines in His heart. These fault lines did not have a negative connotation. On the contrary, the spoke of facets of the heart, as regions that needed to come into correct alignment, the heart on earth as the heart that is in heaven. 

In the dream I could see David, and he was marked with this unique insight into everything that proceeded from the mouth of God. He didn’t know just the words, He knew the depth of those words. There was no limit in his heart, the deepest and most outlandish words from God, things that God could not share with any other person, were like second nature to David, because He knew who spoke them. This was the very root of David’s understanding into what we call the prophetic realms of God. It was his intimacy with God revealing itself in understanding. In the dream I knew what God meant when He said that He had found a man after His own heart. David was foremost a fried of God.


It is this posture of heart that will bring forth the will of God on the Dallas, in our nation, in the earth, it is this posture of heart that will bring forth the greater works of God. 

Acts 13:22

“After He had removed him, He raised up David to be their king, concerning whom He also testified and said, I HAVE FOUND DAVID the son of Jesse, A MAN AFTER MY HEART, who will do all my will. 


As i came out of this dream, the Lord told me to look up the prophecy by Ruth Ward Heflin that she gave over Dallas, one which i had read and prayed many times before. This prophecy is referred to by many as the EPICENTER PROPHECY because Dallas will be in the center of a move of God that will touch America.


“I was taken up in the Spirit and shown the end-time revival.   One night in Jerusalem, I was carried away in the Spirit and saw the last-day revival. I saw a large platform.  It was the deepest platform I had ever seen. I have stood on very broad platforms, but never one so deep.  On the platform there were at least a hundred hospital stretchers filled with critically ill people. I knew that they were there because of the miracles that were taking place in the meetings. I saw television cameras and reporters from all of the major networks and knew that they were there recording the great revival. I saw America ablaze with God, and I knew that when the revival had fully been ignited across America, Dallas,Texas, would be the center of it.”

Ruth Ward Heflin


As i revisited this prophecy in light of the dream I had about the fault lines in the heart of David, I had the impression that the reference to the deep platform Ruth Heflin saw in her vision was actually the layers and depth that the angel spoke of in the first dream I was given. I also sensed that there was a connection to the tagline EPICENTER and the language that the Holy Spirit chose to use the dream about the heart of David and the alignment in the fault lines of the heart to His heart.


In prayer I heard the Lord say, that this Prince warring angel had been released to bring forth the manifestation of the word Ruth Heflin had released many years ago. The time for Dallas has come. 


There are many layers that have to come into awakening in the heart of God’s people, in the earth, and in the heavens. 


Dream 3 The Host Of Heaven

In this dream I was taken into the realm of the Host of Heaven, I could see the expanse of the heavens filled with lights, as I watched this, the voice of God began to speak to me, and He unpacked even further the revelation He had released in the first dream where the angel spoke to me. God began to speak and say, “the layers that the angel spoke of are the layers of authority in the heavens according to Ephesians 6:12

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of the darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places.”


These layers,



-World Forces

-Present Darkness

-Spiritual Forces 

-Wickedness in Heavenly places


God has released an angelic host to deal with these dimensions as His people align with His heart, as His people put on the whole armor of God, and walk according to the word they have been given. Setting their prayers and intercession towards heaven for the release of the glory of the prophetic promises, to strike the ground with leaps of faith and acts filled with obedience. 

We are not to go and pick up fights with these dimensions, that is not wisdom, but rather our very stand in prayer according to the will of God, and our stand in obedience, and our devotion in worship will mobilize these angels to their greatest capacity in this hour.


Dream 4 The Manifold Wisdom Of God

In this dream I saw a woman in the fullness of purity walking on a stage in the heavens, She was walking in a 7fold light, in the light of the rainbow, as she moved forward she would manifest this light and every hue in its spectrum, God began to speak to me about he DNA of this generation and the fresh fire that was going to fall upon them, that it was going to bring forth a new language for the miraculous because God was going to use the supernatural record of DNA of this generation to give expression to the wisdom of God in the heavens and in the earth according to Ephesians 3:9-10

“and to bring to light what is the administration of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things; 

so that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.”


The woman in the dream symbolized the bride in this generation, and the light the wisdom and the glory of God in her ways, in her steps, in her actions, His light clothing her whole existence. 

The 7 fold light, also speaks of the 7 spheres of society, like Joseph who had a manifold colored coat, that represented the favor over his life but also the influence that he would walk in. I believe that this fresh outpouring of God will awaken the depth of the record of God in the very DNA of a generation, bringing forth the manifestation of the greater works not only in the heavens, but also on the earth, not only in the church, but in the secular spheres. 


Dallas is the epicenter for the Glory of God that will bring transformation to a nation and touch the globe. It is time for this city to rise into its full commissioning. Let those who have ears hear what the Spirit of God is saying. 


Many of us will join in a 40 day fast March 16 - April 24th to bring our hearts into alignment with the heart of God in order to draw near to Him and to see His greater works filling the face of the city of Dallas unto the ends of the earth.


Fiorella Giordano



April 14th- 24th Unveiling: 11 Days Of Encounter Dallas, Texas 



Dallas Marvel Conference 

April 25th-29th